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about film

We make videos. We make videos for businesses that train, inspire, promote and engage. We make videos for premium brands throughout the world. We've been doing this for over 20 years. 
We are a full service video production agency providing brand positioning videos, marketing videos, training videos, engagement videos, product launch videos to leading brands globally. 
We pride ourselves on our personalised, flexible service. 
We love what we do and the way that we do it. And our clients love it too. 


You and your film are in safe hands. The hands of specialist experts with over 20 years experience in our own areas of film making. 


Specialists who write, specialists who produce, direct, film, record sound, edit, animate and compose. 


Experienced Individual Specialists.

Not a Generalist in sight.

Why not? Why don't we employ a one-size-fits-all producer who films and edits? Same reason you wouldn't play a striker in goal.


Same game. Different skills.

Bright Ideas

Despite two decades of technological advancements in film equipment, the foundation of great video creation has remained the same: you can't make a good film from a bad script.


So, we start with an idea.


Our team of expert writers and content creators look at your brief, your audience, your budget and then they turn on their flair to create a concept that will fulfil your brief, move your audience and fit your budget.  


They discuss their idea with our technical teams to develop ways in which each department can use their skills to brighten the idea.  

Then we pitch it to you.


You fall in love with it.


We create it.

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